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The Emporium of Dangerous Ideas aims to re-establish the importance of dangerous ideas as agents of change in education – to shift the axis of what is possible! It is for everyone who is passionate about education including college, university, school staff and students as well as those engaged in education throughout the creative communities.

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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Dangerous Conversations

Monday 09 June 2014 - Wednesday 18 June 2014
Fancy hosting a 'dangerous conversation' in an exciting location between Monday 09 June 2014 - Wednesday 18 June 2014?

As part of the Emporium of Dangerous Ideas 2014, would you be willing to help organise a conversation about the future of Scottish education in an unusual, exciting or challenging environment? It could be talking timetabling on a train through the Highlands; or debating classroom layout round a campfire; maybe creativity in a castle or lecturing on a mountain peak?  The only requirement is that you give partners the chance to talk, think and engage in a space which takes them away from their desks/classrooms.

Building on the success of previous Philosophy Cafes, and Creative Learning Network's Creative Conversations series, we are eager to continue to promote the importance of creative debate and conversation about the future of education.

We aim to have 'dangerous conversation' events across the whole of the country, and we would be delighted if you could host one in an exciting location in your area.

All we ask is that you feedback on the debate, and send some pictures which will be collated into an overall presentation of all of the thoughts, questions and images from across Scotland.

Key questions that are likely to be covered are:
  • What will Scottish education look like in the year 2024?
  • What is creativity, and what does it mean for us now?
  • What is the creative space, and how can it best be used?
  • What is the creative lecture, and what is the creative lecturer?
  • What is creative learning and what is the creative learning provider?
All we want you to do is sign up as a host, and pitch us the exciting location that will really inspire debate, get people thinking and talking creatively. We hope your event will be arranged and supported through partnerships; however, small amounts of money could be made available if lack of funding is prohibitive. Please include a brief outline of any such requirements you might have.

Please email Karen Lawson your ideas.