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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Where else are the dangerous ideas - ulab?

As the Emporium of  Dangerous Ideas approaches with frightening velocity, it was surprising that I  managed to make time to attend the Ulab event, organised by Scottish Government.   Given that time is of a premium at the moment I had some questions? What's all the fuss about? Is it just another initiative?  Don't I know this already? Yet, I was intrigued enough to go with an open mind, and a commitment to do the emails in the evening!

The event was  magnificent, energising and even dangerous.  I liked all that I heard about ulab: with it's theory base (theory U) , taught through a MOOC or the Scottish equivalent SMOOC, but it was the passion and personal story telling of the participants who had already been involved.  Getting together with people to discuss issues that matter isn't something new, but the emphasis on a deeper dialogue, inquiry questions, and delving to a deeper level of consciousness coupled with a call to action, either individually or through self-organising hubs offers a real opportunity for change.   There is an explicit commitment to social equality, economic reform, with a focus on what really matters.
It's interesting that Ulab based in MIT see Scotland as an ideal place for hubs to form and transform our lives.  The danger is of course, that we don't take the risk of exploring what really matters to us, individually, on a community and a national, international level, and we don't take action.

Anyone can join, you don't a special invite - so what's stopping you?

Find out more - here's some information from Kenneth Hogg's invitation:

We would like to invite anyone interested in participating in U.Lab Scotland, and particularly if they are interested in becoming a hub host, to attend some of the following preparatory events in Edinburgh:

* 3 July: 9.30am to 5pm - strongly recommended training event for all hub hosts. We will be joined by Otto Scharmer and his colleagues to provide support and training to everyone taking on the role of hub host. Please book your space here
* 1 September: 9.30am to 5pm - strongly recommended preparatory event for all hub hosts. Please book your space here Please contact (0131 244 0545) if you have any queries.

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