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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

17th June -Teaching Communication Units : Flashflood Meeting of Minds

Communication lecturers from across Scotland came together to share their 'dangerous' ideas ! The focus was specifically on the teaching of Communication Units at both Core Skills and HN levels. It was recognised that 'dangerous' was a subjective concept and a teaching approach might feel  'dangerous' or risky to one lecturer but not another or with one group of students and not another .

The event focused on the following themes :
  • Engaging and fun ways to teach reading, writing, listening and talking
  • Digital teaching - what's fun and accessible
  • What differentiates teaching approaches/methodology in Commuication Units at Core Skills and HN levels
  • Integrating Communication Units with ICT Units
  • Going paperless with assessment and feedback evidence
There were brief presentations by members of the network on each of these themes . This acted as a stimulus for small group discussions and the generation of ideas which were fed back into the larger group in very creative and innovative ways as evidenced by the photos.

Practitoners were energetic,enthusiastic and highly motivated . The College Development Network will collate all ideas and the resources generated and disseminate to both those who attended the event and the wider Network.


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