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Monday, 17 June 2013

Touching Children and Young People Shouldn’t be Taboo – It should be an expectation!

Attended this excellent session of Friday 14 June 2013.  Several sectors represented – Education, Voluntary Sector, Community Learning and Development.  Huge amount of interest in this area and made me re-think some of my own thinking as someone who leads on safeguarding in the college sector.  Thought provoking input from a range of professionals across the sectors well facilitated by Gillian Hunt.  Great discussion and input.  Some interesting research around children and the concept of touch and how it is part of nurturing.  Presenters very much united in that it is okay to touch young people in appropriate settings although guidelines and procedures can make people wary and question actions.  As part of learning, teaching and assessment touching young people is not taboo!  This was the impression I left the session with.  Thanks to Edinburgh Children and Families (WiLD) Team for hosting this dangerous idea!

Garry Cameron, College Development Network

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