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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Edinburgh Dangerous Philosophy Cafe

It was great to sit round the table with a diverse group of people debating whether or not it was time to tear up the foundations of an outmoded education system and rebuild to a new design for modern times.

We were joined by the New School Action Group who are calling for alternatives within state education.

Interesting that 3 of our participants had been education in former communist regimes but still found our Scottish education system oppressive.

Some of the hotly debated issues were:
  • personalisation and choice
  • Poor leadership in schools
  • No career progression for teachers - young, creative teachers are not heard
  • Class sizes are too big, resources are limited
  • Need more diversity to give real choice - free schools
  • Stifled by exams
  • What are the outcomes of our education system?
  • Need an alternative to SQA
  • Teachers should have more autonomy
  • Academies in the state system
thanks to Ray Miller for facilitating the cafe. And to The Links Bar for providing an excellent venue.

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