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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Celebrating Failure and Success in Fort William

As the finale to the Walk On the Wild Side the participants of the walk fed back on what they had learned from their 5 day experience on the West Highland Way. They shared stories about success and failure and what that meant to them within the context of educational assessment.  If success meant completing all of the walk, then several people failed, but, if it meant overcoming obstacles and challenges, supporting others, reflecting on their learning and developing ideas for education than there was an abundance of successes.  The walkers will produce their own reflections and learning from the walk, but all felt it had been an extremely worthwhile experience and one they wouldn't forget.  There was a sense that they had been invested in as individuals in way previously not experienced, and the photographs to follow will tell their own story.

Outward Bound gave a fantastic overview of  Carol Dweck's work on mindsets and demonstrated how they had used this extensively in their work.  It was great to link up  through Skype with UWS and their own event as part of the Festival - Thinking Dangerously in Teacher Education, and share some of the findings from the Walk.   Without a doubt the walkers will keep on walking, and we already thinking about what next's year's walk will look like - surely an indication of success.

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