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Monday, 17 June 2013

Night of Dangerous Theatre

An exciting night of dangerous theatre was held at The Arches, Glasgow. Through the support of Tom we designed our own on-line game, and considered the design principles, skills, knowledge and fun used in games development.  Our game 'The Flow Bar'  was an on-line bar, where the bar tender was a councillor, who could offer support, delegate your work to other patrons of the bar, or offer you a cocktail reflecting how stressed you were!  Fun indeed!

Martin and Martin explored the relationship between art and education in a fantastic piece based on their conversations about what they were going to do for the Night of Dangerous Theatre.  They explored Martin's passion for journalism and the sense of excitement and achievement he gained from that occupation into very similar feelings about being an educator.  It was a heartening reminder that there are still many people passionate about education and being creative in what they do.

More Nights of Dangerous Theatre are needed to explore the relationship between the arts and education, generating possibilities for creative learning for both staff and students.

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