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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

June 18th- Mindfulness At College : How Can This Enhance Learning and Teaching ?

Lyndsay Lunan  from City of Glasgow  College facilitated a fabulous session on Mindfulness.  The session could have been filled twice over with college staff .They came from a range of teaching areas including Construction, Leisure and Recreation, Hospitality, Business and Administration and Social Sciences. Embedding mindfulness practices into the learning process could be seen as a dangerous idea and slightly subversive as value in our culture is attached to ‘doing’ and being busy . However the evidence  would suggest that it could be dangerous not to practice daily mindfulness based stress reduction  strategies and embed these into our daily lives !

This half day experiential workshop offered a basic introduction to mindfulness and its application in the learning environment. Lyndsay interspersed mindfulness exercises with information giving in a seamless way . She gave practical examples of how mindfulness tools can be applied to everyday college life to enhance the learning and teaching experience for both staff and students.The only criticism was that the session was too short and the morning flew in. I definitely shifted from being mindless to more mindful as the morning progressed  and I think everyone else did . Long may that last ! Everyone is keen to keep the mindfulness conversation going next session so watch this space !

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