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Monday, 17 June 2013

Change the Way We Design Everything! Ellen McArthur Foundation

Thanks to Colin Webster and the Ellen McArthur Foundation for a great evening as part of the Festival of Dangerous Ideas on Thursday 13 June at the MAKLAB in The Lighthouse Glasgow. 

Colin led us through an exploration of the economy as it is and how we could work towards developing a more circular economy.  We looked at the influences affecting fundamental changes to how we design products and systems and as you can see from the photographs we had a chance to ‘teardown’ some objects and play with screwdrivers and related tools!  It was an excellent opportunity to really think about system change, considering how to approach design of products and services with rebuild rather than redundancy built in. 

Feedback from the session has been really positive with 100% of respondents choosing the most positive answer for most of the questions which included:
  • I have enjoyed the day
  • The ideas we have been dealing with today stimulated me

 Comments made included:
  • Always good to have a good forum for the discussion on change
  • Love the MAKLAB
  • The circular economy supports the concept of radical change being possible
  • We need this fundamental rethinking of manufacturing
  • So excited about using ideas in the classroom
  • Q: What would I change? A: Nothing, absolutely nothing.  Brilliant
  • I've been given a lot to think about, thanks
  • I'd like to have longer to explore further
  • Perfect venue - alive with innovation and creativity!
  • Really interesting event
See the website for more information on the Ellen McArthur Foundation

Lesley Whelan, College Development Network

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