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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Breakfast in the Botanics

An early morning breakfast of free and local foods was a great way for myself and sixty others to start their day at the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh. I began my breakfast with a coffee and a sausage sandwich (thanks to Pepper Pig  previously of Gorgie City Farm) before being introduced to some of their chickens (not on the menu) who were making their debut the following day at the Highland Show .  I then moved onto the buckwheat blinis with creme fraiche, chrysanthemum petals and chive flowers and washed it down with nettle tea.

In between the munching, gardening and foraging experts were on hand to show us how to gather and grow food in the city .The focus was on organic and sustainable techniques from permaculture to living walls. In addition we were provided with a variety of recipes to try out for ourselves so be warned!

Sandy MacLean, College Development Network


  1. Looks lovely Sandy - we are just getting ready for dangerous assessment here!

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  3. Enjoyed the tasty treats on offer this morning. Thanks for inviting me to experience this fun, informative (and sunny) event.